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Haley has completed her Open agility STD title with a first place out of 41 dogs in her class.

We have an up and coming little girl. Silver Screen Illusion of Bootez (Merlin x Misty). Watch for her this summer.

Deja... (a Silver Screen Adoptee) is a new Champion! Finishing with three Majors. Deja will be bred this July. Watch for updates.

Silver Screen Born to Boogie, CD, CDX, CGC, TDI, NA, (Misty)
My little sweet black tri chubbins.
Misty has 2 legs in Novice JWW, and one leg in Open Agility

Silver Screen DiamondintheRuf, CD, CDX, CGC, NA (Lilli)
My pushy, jump on everyone, blue merle.
Lille has 2 legs in Novice JWW, one leg in Open Agility, and 2 legs in Obed. Utility.

Silver Screen Girls Best Friend (Diamond) CD, CDX
My shy, sweet, little shitzy.
Diamond will be competing in Agility this summer.

Silver Screen Moonlight Crescent (CeCe) is enrolled in puppy class.

TJ went to Michigan this weekend (1/18/03). Won the breed on Friday, nothing in Grp, lost the next two days.

Gibson completed his championship title in the US.  (awaiting photo).  He is now Am/Can Ch. SilverScreen's Payback,CGC.  We both thank Kim Eddy for "coming out of retirement" to do this!  Gibby is currently training for agility and loving every minute of it.  Watch for him in upcoming trials.


Well, Nicki and I went to Marietta Ohio this week (3/9). We spent 4 days near the W. Virginia border. The weather ranged from 22degrees with sleet and freezing rain on Thursday, to 70 degrees and sunny on Saturday! It was a good news, bad news weekend though.... First the GREAT news!!!! Spirit won three out of four days.... a 1pt on Thursday., Then a 4pt major on Sat.....and Another 3pt MAJOR today!!! Yeah,,,,,she has both majors! Karen had her moving like a wild woman!

Ozzie showed great for a pup pup, took Reserve on Thursday, and even showed well for Karen (the scarey lady) on Friday. Nicki showed him the other days, we just wanted to see what he'd do with Karen. Nicki was BEst Junior on Thursday and Friday. Bad news.....Merlin
only took the breed one day(sat), no group placements. Oh well......I told Karen I'd trade the BOB's for Spirits majors anyway!

Spirit is N.Carolina this week (3/19). She was Reserve yesterday, WB today for another 2pts....3more to go!

Just got back from our mini eye clinic. All 7 pups ok, all 4 adults Tj, Hudson, Ro-e and Merlin......Normal (eyes that is ). Also, Spirit won WB again today (3/20) in NC. Only 1 pt to go....... Woooo....wooooooo!!!!!!


Today (5/3) at the Hamburg Agility Trial, Merlin earned an Excellent Standard leg with a second place, and Carol Harty and Splash got a leg,and a third place in Open Jumpers with Weaves. Melissa and Raven earned a Novice Jumpers leg (5/4) we decided to head to Canada for the Seaway show. First, Nicki and TJ were second in their juniors class. Then, VIrginia was Winners dog with Ike. Fannie was WB and Best of Winners. Then......on to Best Puppy in Herding Group. THEN.....on to BEST PUPPY IN SHOW!!!! Nice win for Nicki and her "new girl". Also heard that Carol and Splash finished their Open Jumpers agility title today.


Raven showed off her form while earning legs in both Open Standard
and Open Jumpers last weekend at Lockport, NY trial.
Raven is owned by Melissa Galluch,DVM and is 81/2 yrs old!

Barb Kwasnick completed Open Jumpers and Open Standard Titles on both Misty and Lilli. And, Carol Harty and Splash finished his Open agility titles as well! Go Silver Screen Agility team!!